Hadrien Simeray


Hadrien Simeray is a young artist who overran the picture’s world to look over his own life. He exhibited a first work in Lannion, the town where he grew up, at the cultural center of Saint Elivet in 2012.
“Emigrant” to Rennes, west coast city of France, to sell photographic equipments. He approached the city with a new eye, often at night, after his work, which culminated in the project “Solitude” exposed in the “NoirNoir” workshop gallery in Rennes.
A strong taste for the technique led him to repair old motorcycles, put back into service old cameras, design Arduino controllers and be a webmaster. Passionate about skateboard, he founded an association to promote his own vision of skateboard.

Exhibitions :
Centre Saint-Elivet, Lannion – 13/09/2012 – 14/12/2012
Galerie NOIRNOIR, Rennes – 06/10/2016 – 09/10/2016
Alliance Française, San-Francisco – 16/02/2016 – 31/03/2016